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Client Requirements (Food & Beverages Industry):

“Evaluate the current value adding process within the manufacturing facility and implement lean manufacturing principles where required”


TIC Processes Applied:

Value stream mapping, time standards, one piece flow analysis, lean manufacturing GAP analysis, reduction of waste etc.


The Implemented Solution:

10% increase in throughput

12% reduction in labour requirements (no capex)

14% reduction in labour requirements (1-2 year capex payback)


Client Requirements (Electrical Component Manufacturing):

“Analyse the current manufacturing conversion process and improve the labour efficiency”


TIC Processes Applied:

Value stream mapping, time standards, one piece flow analysis, workplace design, theory of constraints, layout design etc.


The Implemented Solution:

Average operator efficiency improved from 55% to 89%

35% reduction in labour requirements

20 – 30% reduction in cycle time

35% reduction in floor space



Client Requirements (E-Commerce business):

“Implement a system to obtain engagement from all the members within the business and create a problem solving culture”


TIC Processes Applied:

Value stream mapping, small business units, team leader coaching, problem solving training, etc.


The Implemented Solution:

Culture of team member participation to achieve daily performance targets.

Problem solving culture where all team members follow basic problem solving methodology to obtain the root cause of a problem



Client Requirements (FMCG):

“Manage the implementation of an R155m capital investment project that should triple the current manufacturing capacity and train the employees to achieve the desired throughputs”


TIC Processes Applied:

Project management structures and tools (key stakeholder & team member involvement, short interval controls, etc.), value stream mapping, organogram design, roles and responsibilities, team member training & competence testing, standard operating instructions etc.


The Implemented Solution:

Project completed within budget, on time and exceeded client’s expectations.

A trained and competent team that can manufacture products to world-class standards on the new facilities and exceed the basic KPI’s set.

Client requirements (Prominent Pharmaceutical Industry):

"Implement a sustainable OEE system that monitors and evaluates the current performance of manufacturing equipment and highlights areas for process improvements"


TIC Processes applied:

Measurement and verification of production standards, OEE planning, training on OEE principles and full implementation of OEE software setup and operation, project facilitation in infant stages of system, site IE development and coaching, etc.


The Implemented Solution:

Accurate objective measurement of machine Performance, Availability and Quality.

Clear indication of problem areas with quantifiable losses portrayed which is to be problem solved.

Useful data analysis tools which assist with production planning and statistical results.

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