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Value Stream Mapping:

  • Value Stream Mapping gives you the tools to stand back and identify the waste  in  your business and assists in streamlining processes and eliminating waste.
  • Think of it as your personal magnifying glass and your source for solutions to eliminating waste.
  • Development of current state map, identify opportunities and develop future state map.



Lean manufacturing:

  • A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value-added activities) through continuous improvement by following the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection. This includes assessments and implementation of lean principles.
  • Lean Manufacturing Assessment to determine current status.
  •  Development of future state and roadmap.


Reduction of waste (Muda):

  • Essentially “waste” is anything that the customer is not willing to pay for.
  • Typically the types of waste considered in a lean manufacturing system include: Overproduction, Waiting, Inventory or Work in Process (WIP), Processing waste, Transportation, Motion, Making defective products and Underutilizing people.



Project management:

  • Structured approached to apply knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholder’s needs and expectations from a capital investment project such as: completion on time, within budget, desired quality requirements, stakeholder & team member involvement.


Supply Chain:

  • Analyse processes and recommendations to reduce lead-time, costs etc.
  • Constraint Identification / Theory of constraints - In all manufacturing processes there are constraints.
  • Pastel, BAAN, SAP and PECAS (Packaging Industry) ERP – Development of framework, implementation and training of users.
  • Reduction of work in progress levels, minimizing stock-carrying costs by implementing constraint management.
  • Reverse logistics initiatives/system implementation.
  • Outsourcing - Facilitate initiation and implementation.



Productivity / Efficiency:

  • OEE Performance software (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – needs analysis, setup, implementation and training.
  • Determining manning levels required for a cost-effective process (Time studies, work measurement and production studies).
  • Training / Facilitation of 5’s Visual Management, identifying and elimination of “waste”, quick change over techniques, basic work measurement methods.
  • Set-up or changeover time reduction studies.
  • Kaizen: Continuous, systematic, step-by-step improvement – training and facilitation.
  • Six-Sigma improvement projects: Facilitating and conducting projects using the DMAIC methodology to pursue incremental process improvements.



Industrial Engineering:

  • Recruiting, mentoring & coaching of industrial engineers.
  • Audits to determine Industrial Engineering efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Facility Layout drawings on CAD & optimization to improve work flow.
  • Product packaging specification design and development.



Small Business Units:

  • Setup of small teams:
  • Team leader coaching.
  • Goal alignment development for quality, speed & cost.
  • Support and benchmarking reviews.
  • Problem-solving methodology: Training and facilitation.
  • Development, operator training and competence testing of SOP’s – Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Development of team member roles and responsibilities.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness:

  • OEE is a usefull management tool to monitor production equipment performance, availability losses and quality.
  • OEE software is used to perform measurement calculations and supplies management with powerful reports and data analysis capabilities.
  • OEE implementation requires analysis, planning and above all commitment.
  • Substantial training is a prerequisite to implementation.
  • An OEE system is a roadmap on the journey towards continuous improvement which provides an objective birds-eye view of any production environment.

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